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A b o u t


I am a native English speaker living in the United States. I have been teaching for many years. I have an undergraduate degree in Education and I am TESOL certified. 

I have over five years experience teaching online both individual and group lessons. 

I lived in Moscow Russia for two years, where I taught both individual lessons and in public schools. I have taught both children and adults.

I have many interests and hobbies. 
These include outdoor activities, music, photography and reading.
I have been studying the Russian language for the last eight years. 

Most of all I enjoy teaching and helping people!


My passion is helping people!

I am a native English speaker.  I have many years of teaching experience and an undergraduate degree in TESOL methodology and a TESOL certificate. 

I have taught children and adults at all language levels.

I have taught in face to face, in the classroom and online.

I have many interests. 

I have been learning Russian for the last seven years and I lived in Moscow Russia for two years.

I enjoy running and exercising.

I enjoy traveling. 

But most of all, I enjoy helping people!

Take lessons with me!